Medical Writing Sample (EN)

Brain Health 101

The brain is a complex and highly functioning organ in the human body that requires phenomenal consciousness and nurturing to unlock its potential. Researchers and curious individuals alike are fascinated by the brain’s influence on every aspect of human lives. The British Medical Journal- BMJ emphasizes the vital role of a healthy brain when pursuing well-being and the burden of neurological disorders caused by internal/ external factors. Although it may seem like the challenges of maintaining brain health are tremendous and unavoidable for some communities, specific elements contribute to a robust brain.

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Writing Sample (EN)

Artemis I Briefing (Sept 27, 2022)

Image credit: Reuters

NASA has set sail to the moon again under the umbrella of Artemis I!
The team was initially prepared to launch the Space Launch System rocket (SLS) and Orion spacecraft on Aug 29, 2022, (from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida); due to a technical error, the mission was scrubbed and rescheduled on Sept 3, which also didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

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